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need catering?

Here at Crydemans Barbecue, we pride ourselves on providing our guests with a quality experience and exceptional service.  We carry this mindset not only in our restaurants but with all of our catering services.



Full-service catering is our cream of the crop.  This service comes with all the bells and whistles.  We arrive hours before serving with a full staff ready to accommodate any party size.  We offer butler service appetizers, action stations, grazing stations, meat-carving station, and buffet service.  We will fully bus tables during your event and clean before we leave.  


(This level of service requires a full finalization 14 days before the event date.  This means final guest count, full menu, and full payment.)

Butler service appetizers

As your guests enjoy cocktail hour we will walk around the venue offering your selection of handpicked appetizers and hors d'oeuvres.

(Full Service Only)

Grazing stations

These stationary setups give your guests the opportunity to snack on what they like when they are ready.  We prepare options like this veggie and hummus board, meat charcuterie, and more!

(Full Service Only)

action stations

Action stations offer an interactive experience where our team will engage with your guests.  These stations can be served as small bites before buffet service or in addition to the buffet line.  Some of our offerings including a Taco Bar, Flaming Shrimp and Grits Bar, a Mashtini Bar, and more!

(Full Service Only)

carving station &
buffet line

The carving station gives your guests the intimate experience of seeing their meats get cut as if they were eating at our restaurant.  Our team will cut and serve your guests as they walk down the buffet line.  
(Full Service Only)


Buffet tech service is a dialed-down version of our full-service option.  We staff according to the number of guests you expect and arrive a short time before service with minimal setup.  All serving equipment is disposable allowing you to easily clean up once your event is over.  

(This level of service requires confirmation at least 7 days before the event date.  This means a full menu, total guest count, and payment information is provided.)


Drop-off service is our most simple catering service.  Pick and choose the menu items you wish to serve at your event.  Our team will deliver the complete order to the desired location of your event.  We will set up and coach you on the best way to serve our products during your event.  Everything is disposable making clean up very simple for you after your event.  

(This level of service requires confirmation at least 72-hours before the event date.  This means a full menu, total guest count, and payment information is provided.)

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