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EST. 2017

In 2016 a love for barbecue empowered the Cryderman Family.  The venture for something smoky started with just one bite.  Traveling all through the south and midwest, the Crydermans searched for inspiration until Central-Texas had what they were looking for.  Now established in Brevard County, Florida, you can find Crydermans Barbecue bringing you Central-Texas inspired craft barbecue.


Our Cocoa location is the original Crydermans Barbecue restaurant.  Opening in July of 2017, this store is located on the outer edge of Historic Cocoa Village along Florida Avenue, also known as 'Restaurant Row'.  We are snuggly fit within an old 1930's gas station allowing our staff to provide each guest with an intimate and engaging experience. 


Want to see where the magic of the meat happens?  Feel free to head on back after enjoying your meal and chatting with our pitmasters.  

Crydermans Barbecue Cocoa

401 Florida Avenue

Cocoa, Florida 32922

(321) 877-0796

Business Hours

Tuesday - Sunday: 11-6:30

Monday: Closed


Our Melbourne location is the second Crydermans Barbecue restaurant.  Opening in April of 2019, this store is located on the East end of Downtown Melbourne.  This location showcases are larger lobby than the original location, allowing more guests to watch the meats being cut while trying to decide what to eat! 

Want to sit inside?  Our Melbourne store features countertop dining along the glass windows overlooking our patio. 

Crydermans Barbecue Melbourne

401 East New Haven Avenue

Melbourne, Florida 32922

(321) 914-0276

Business Hours

Monday - Saturday: 11-6:30

Sunday: Closed

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